Marital and Sexual Answers from an Expert

This section of is for you. 

Over the years Dr. Mike has received countless emails through from individuals and couples looking for marital and sexual answers for their relationship questions. While "Ask Dr. Mike" has been one of the highest rated sections of both the Nurturing Intimate Marriages Workshop and the Passionate Intimacy Workshop, legal, ethical, financial and time reasons have kept the host of emails from being answered.

AskDrMike is our answer to this need. The AskDrMike section of is a place for you to ask marital and sexual questions from someone who:

  • Is trained in theology and scripture. Dr. Mike is an Ordained Minister in The Wesleyan Church (a conservative Protestant denomination) who served over a decade on pastoral staff in local churches as "Pastor Mike" or "Rev. Sytsma".
  • Holds a PhD from the University of Georgia's COAMFT (Association of Marriage & Family Therapists educational accrediting body) approved Marriage & Family Therapy program. Dr. Mike specialized in marital sexuality during his doctoral studies. His doctoral dissertation was a research project that explored marital distress related to sexual desire discrepancy.
  • Is a Certified Sex Therapist (clinically certified by the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists). Dr. Mike has over 20 years of experience in working with couples and marital sexuality from both a pastoral and professional counselor's perspective.
  • Has over 20 years of experience in working with couples and individuals.
We invite you to click the "Ask A Question" link on the left and send us your question. Our goal is to select one question a week that we believe speaks to our visitors and answer that question here. In time, we expect you will find AskDrMike to be a valuable resource for building an intimate marriage.